Recycling is the method of changing waste materials into new materials for use. it’s an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal which will save raw materials and facilitate the lowering of greenhouse emissions. The industry has been growing for many of years and Southern Waste & Recycling is on the forefront of recyling services for businesses in the Atlanta metro area. Southern Waste & Recycling understands that recycling used materials will help stop the waste of otherwise usable materials as well as cutting back on the consumption of unused raw materials, thereby reducing energy usage, incineration pollution, and groundwater pollution.

Recycling is a key part of contemporary waste reduction and believes in the term “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. Investigate Southern Waste & Recycling services on how we can help your business be a greener business.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Provide Transparent & Professional Service
  • Execute Critical Day-To-Day Requirements
  • Manage Costs and Reduce Overall Expenses
  • Improve Site Logistics
  • Provide Analytical Data and Reporting
  • Provide Simplified and Consolidated Invoicing
  • Manage and Monitor Entire Program Success
  • Follow Strict Requirements for Execution of Service
  • Comply With City, County, State Guidelines and Insurance Requirements