Implementing an Environmental Sustainability Program Commercial Sustainability

We take seriously our role as waste management professionals and our responsibility to help customers be good stewards of their environment and this planet. Increasingly, our clients are interested in sustainability and operating in a way that is supportive of the environment as well as the communities in which they operate for the long term. With increasing focus from both the public and private sector as well as pressure from consumers to be more “environmentally friendly,” companies of all sizes are looking to us to help them follow a model for sustainability success.

As your waste management partner, we can help you define, develop and support a program that not only reduces the cost of your waste removal but more importantly helps you to reduce the total waste that you’re introducing to the environment. Companies that adopt sustainability initiatives find that their efforts yield stronger financial performance and profitability, improved investment from stakeholders and enhanced employee commitment.

With a complete analysis of your waste stream, we can recommend adjustments in your current program and identify opportunities to redirect your waste stream, allowing you to take advantage of recycling opportunities. Properly implemented recycling programs are about more than just the feel-good effect of doing the right thing for the environment and should result in a corresponding decrease in the volume of and expense associated with your waste program.

In addition to a smaller carbon footprint, properly defined, implemented and operated sustainability programs can help your business qualify for special programs and certifications that make you eligible for new business opportunities and can lead to additional savings. At Southern Waste and Recycling, we’ve identified five key factors that we believe are worthy of evaluation and assessment in order to implement and maintain an effective sustainability program focused on recycling, re-purposing and reusing. The five key factors are:

  • Build more sustainable products
  • Adopt more sustainable processes for packaging and distribution
  • Develop a materials management program
  • Involve your employees
  • Measure Results


Why Choose Us?

  • Provide Transparent & Professional Service
  • Execute Critical Day-To-Day Requirements
  • Manage Costs and Reduce Overall Expenses
  • Improve Site Logistics
  • Provide Analytical Data and Reporting
  • Provide Simplified and Consolidated Invoicing
  • Manage and Monitor Entire Program Success
  • Follow Strict Requirements for Execution of Service
  • Comply With City, County, State Guidelines and Insurance Requirements