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Blog Posts in September, 2017

Steps Your Business Can Take to Boost Your Recycling Habits

When your business creates a new recycling protocol, it can take some time before all of your workers are on board with the plan. In order to recycle effectively, it is crucial for every member of ...
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Inside a Zero Waste Town

If you rely on your weekly trash service to eliminate waste from your home or office, you may want to think about implementing a new recycling program. In this video, you will take a look at an ...
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Who Can Benefit from Our Dumpster Rental Services?

If your site produces large volumes of waste, you may be seeking new strategies for managing your trash and recycling. At Southern Waste and Recycling, our dumpster rental services may provide you ...
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How Your Construction Site Can Cut Your Waste

Proper waste management is critical for any construction site. During the construction or demolition process, your site may generate large volumes of waste materials. Rather than tossing all of your ...
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Is Recycling Really Worth the Effort?

Implementing a recycling program for your home or business can take additional time and resources. If you are wondering whether recycling is worth the effort, check out this video from The Good Stuff. ...
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Why Recycling Is Smart for Small Businesses

When you are looking for an effective way to reduce costs for your small business, consider creating a new waste management plan that includes recycling. By sending your disposables to the recycling ...
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Why Having Enough Trash Cans Matters for Your Business

When you set up a waste management plan for your business, you will need to make sure that your facilities are equipped with enough trash cans. While trash cans may seem like basic office supplies, ...
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Spotlight on Our Equipment Maintenance Services

If your business uses waste management equipment, be sure to trust Southern Waste and Recycling for all of your maintenance and service needs. We proudly offer a range of services and repairs for ...
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Tips for Launching a Food Recycling Program

While you may be familiar with the process of recycling paper, plastic, and metal items, you may be surprised to learn that food waste can also be recycled. In fact, food waste recycling serving ...
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