• Exploring the Advantages of Food Recycling

    While many people are familiar with the benefits of recycling materials like metal, glass, and plastic, fewer realize that unwanted food can be repurposed, as well. If you’re searching for ways to reduce your establishment’s waste in Atlanta, then read on to learn about the advantages of recycling food instead of throwing it in the trash. compost - bin

    Save on Operating Costs

    When you implement a food recycling program for your business, it makes sense to conduct a waste audit, as well. Waste audits allow you to identify areas for improvement and which foods are being wasted most. For example, a waste audit may let you know that one of the items on your restaurant’s menu should go, as you frequently toss out the ingredients that you buy for it. Or, you may learn that your employees could be using ingredients more efficiently, allowing you to implement a new training program that may cut down on your business’ food waste.

    Save on Waste Management Costs

    By conducting a waste audit and learning where food is being wasted unnecessarily, you may be able to reduce what you spend on dumpster services.

    Be More Environmentally Responsible

    Any business that uses food on a regular basis, such as restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and food distributors, can make a beneficial impact on the environment by adopting a food recycling program. Food recycling serves a number of valuable purposes, allowing the waste to be repurposed in a variety of ways such as for feeding livestock or creating compost. Also, the anaerobic digestion process that is used to recycle food can be used to generate energy and reduce the need for electricity production.

    Improve Your Business’ Image

    Adopting a food recycling plan is an excellent way to boost your establishment’s reputation. By demonstrating that less of your food waste ends up in the dumpster and that more of it is being put to good use, you can generate good press and an environmentally friendly image for your company.

  • Could Waste Be the Newest Source of Energy?

    If you’re like many people who are concerned about cutting back on waste near Atlanta , then you may be interested in learning what one city is doing to make the most of the trash it generates. Watch this video to get an introduction to something called waste-to-energy.

    The local government in Alexandria, Virginia partnered with an energy corporation to power more than 20,000 homes with a process called waste-to-energy. Despite recycling efforts, there is still a lot of waste that ends up in dumpsters. This process allows the area to burn their garbage for energy, rather than dump it in a landfill. Through innovation, they have stayed ahead of EPA regulations over the years, for example with new filtration technology for their furnaces, making this waste management process a promising one.

  • Advice for Restaurants Who Want to Cut Waste

    When it comes to maximizing the profits for your business, efficient waste management is critical. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to cut down on waste in Atlanta, then keep reading for some advice on getting started. recycling - program

    Get an Audit

    Waste analytics, or data regarding waste, can be invaluable when it comes to cutting down on the amount of trash that ends up in your restaurant’s dumpsters. For this reason, one of the first steps you should take to reduce waste is to schedule an audit. You can go through the auditing process yourself or hire a company to come in and evaluate your establishment for you. The results of the audit will give you a better idea of how much waste your restaurant is creating, what types of waste it’s generating, and what your greatest areas for improvement are.

    Start Recycling Programs

    Following the waste audit, you may find that more recyclable materials end up in your garbage than you would have guessed. To help reduce your establishment’s overall waste, consider starting some recycling programs. For example, you can begin food recycling so that your food scraps can be transformed into compost and animal feed, and you can place recycling bins in a few areas of your restaurant so that materials like paper, plastic, and aluminum can make their way to a recycling plant instead of a landfill.

    Examine Purchasing Habits

    While it’s important to address what you do with the waste that’s produced, don’t forget to consider if too much product is being brought into your restaurant, as well as how your employees are using ingredients and materials. Take a close look at your purchasing habits to learn if there are areas where you can cut back or convert to recyclable materials. Finally, investigate how products are being used in your restaurant. You may find that materials are being utilized inefficiently or that you can cut back on waste by using 1 ingredient where you currently use 3 similar ones.

  • FAQs About Food Recycling

    For many companies, a significant amount of the food they purchase ends up in dumpsters. If you’re looking for a better alternative to throwing away your business’ food waste near Atlanta , then you may benefit from learning about a process called food recycling. Read on to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about this waste management option. old - food

    What is food recycling?

    Tons of food that can be recycled are sent to landfills every year, and this is a trend that is both wasteful and expensive. Food recycling is much like it sounds and involves the recycling of food waste. If your business produces a lot of food waste, then you, your consumers, and the environment may all benefit if you were to adopt a food recycling system.

    What are the benefits of food recycling?

    There are many good reasons to get on board with food recycling. First, this process can reduce waste management costs and support zero waste initiatives. Also, food recycling benefits both consumers and companies by improving purchasing discipline and inventory control, because less product wasted means less spending for businesses and lower prices for customers. Additionally, cutting down on food waste benefits the environment by keeping more methane-producing garbage out of landfills and reducing the amount of food that needs to be produced.

    Who should use food recycling?

    While there is a lot of potential for food recycling, the food service industry is most impacted. Companies that produce or purchase food can direct food waste into the recycling stream instead of the dumpster. From there, the waste can be used to produce animal feed and compost. Also, industrial facilities can use food waste to generate electricity, using the natural gas produced by a process called anaerobic digestion.

    What happens after food is recycled?

    Companies in the food industry can later benefit from sending their food waste into the recycling stream. For example, the resulting animal feed and compost can be used to produce animal products and crops, and the electrical power generated from anaerobic digestion can provide electrical power for food processing facilities.

  • Inside a Zero Waste Town

    If you rely on your weekly trash service to eliminate waste from your home or office, you may want to think about implementing a new recycling program. In this video, you will take a look at an example of a Japanese town that has managed to reduce, reuse, and recycle their way into generating zero waste. By sorting their waste into 34 categories, the residents of this town have completely eliminated the need for landfills. A company that offers targeted waste management can help you to recycle near Atlanta.

    While it may not be possible to cut back on your landfill waste altogether, it is important to continually be on the looking for ways to improve your recycling program. By remaining dedicated in your efforts to recycle, you can dramatically cut back on your production of trash.

  • Examining the Impact of Recycling

    Recycling a single water bottle can have a major impact on the health of the planet. In this video from Seeker, you will take a look at the importance of recycling around the globe. When plastic bottles are sent to a recycling center serving Atlanta , they can be processed and reused to create new items. By contrast, a plastic bottle that is tossed in the trash will never biodegrade, and will, instead, take up space in the landfill.

    After you have learned some essential recycling facts, you may be tempted to recycle at your home or business. With services from a qualified waste management company, you will be able to set up an effective and simple recycling program that helps you to reduce, reuse, and recycle your materials.

  • A Look at Electronics Stewardship

    In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and educational facilities must continually update their electronics and other devices. In order to improve the recycling efforts of your company, you may want to embark on an electronics stewardship program. By focusing on electronics stewardship, you will be able to lead the way for sustainable electronic recycling and repurposing methods. A company that specializes in recycling serving Atlanta can help you create an effective electronics recycling program for your facility.

    Electronics stewardship encompasses more than just recycling. Along with choosing to recycle your old electronic devices, you may also consider donating them to worthy organizations. Many nonprofits, schools and other institutions can benefit from receiving electronics that would otherwise be tossed into recycling bins. Eligible workers can also be trained with skills that allow them to rehabilitate older electronic devices, such as computers. By creating jobs and reducing waste, electronics stewardship represents the future of sustainability.

    electronics - recycle

  • The Benefits of Initiating a Recycling Program for Your Apartment Building

    When you own or manage an apartment building, your waste management and recycling strategies will impact the daily lives of many other families. If your apartment complex currently does not offer recycling services, you may want to consider setting up a program that allows every tenant to recycle. By renting recycling bins in Atlanta , it will be possible to create an apartment recycling program that is manageable and simple for every tenant who lives in your building. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of initiating a recycling program for your apartment building. recycling - apartment

    Cut Down on Costs

    One of the top benefits of setting up a recycling program in your apartment building is that consistent recycling can help to save you and your fellow tenants money on your trash pickup fees. Typically, apartment residents must pay a monthly fee to have their trash picked up by a waste management company. When you commit to a recycling program, you can cut back on the costs that are associated with your trash pickup.

    Improved Sense of Community

    Implementing a new recycling program is a terrific way to build a stronger sense of community amongst your fellow tenants. By encouraging the members of your apartment building to recycle, you can help to create a sense of teamwork and cooperation. After you and your fellow residents have recycled consistently for several months, you may even find that your apartment building offers the sense of an improved quality of life.

    Reduced Environmental Impact

    Whether your goal is to help your apartment building to go green, or you simply want to cut down on waste and reduce energy consumption, a recycling program will help to improve the environmental impact of your residence. Having a structured recycling program can even help to attract new tenants who are committed to helping the environment and improving their surroundings. Overall, you will find that your apartment building produces much less landfill waste after your recycling program has been implemented.

  • How Plastic Waste Is Affecting Our Oceans

    Millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into the Earth’s oceans on an annual basis. This video from National Geographic shows the devastating effect that plastic waste has on the health of our oceans and marine life. With recycling serving Atlanta, you can help to keep harmful plastic out of the oceans. A company that offers recycling services can set you up with a sustainable plastic recycling program for your business.

    If you would like to learn more about how to recycle, be sure to contact your local waste management professionals. By getting the facts about proper plastic disposal, you can make sure that you are doing your part to prevent harmful materials from entering our ocean’s delicate ecosystems.

  • What Is Dual Stream Recycling?

    When you are setting up a recycling program , you may encounter the term dual stream recycling. Dual stream and single stream recycling are two different methods for sorting recycled waste before it is sent to the processing facility. If you want ensure that your recycling methods are as sustainable as possible, you may want to consider setting up dual stream recycling services. A company that offers recycling bins in Atlanta can provide you with the containers that you need to sort your recyclables correctly.

    One of the key characteristics of dual stream recycling is that this type of recycling program requires consumers to sort their paper, glass, and plastic recycling before it is picked up for processing. By sorting your recyclables by type, you can help to cut down on recycling waste and increase the amount of recoverable material that can be sourced out of your recyclables. While single stream recycling may seem more convenient, dual stream methods can be more sustainable in the long run.

    recycling - glass