• A Look at the Impressive Life Cycle of Aluminum

    Smelting aluminum from virgin materials demands a lot of energy, making aluminum recycling a conservative and energy-efficient option. Watch this video to get a glimpse of what happens to the aluminum cans that you toss into your recycling bins in Atlanta .

    Americans generate more than one million pounds of aluminum waste every day but, for most of it, this won’t be its first time around. Because metallic aluminum is a very stable material, it’s incredibly recyclable and can be melted down and reused indefinitely. In fact, about 2/3 of all aluminum that has been made is still around, and an aluminum can that you toss in the recycling bin can be back in your fridge containing a new beverage in just 2 to 3 months.

  • Why Recycling Is Smart for Small Businesses

    When you are looking for an effective way to reduce costs for your small business, consider creating a new waste management plan that includes recycling. By sending your disposables to the recycling center, rather than the dump, you can save money while also conserving your company’s resources. If you are planning on setting up recycling for your business in Atlanta , contact a company that offers recycling bins and trash pickup services. Here is an overview of three reasons why every small business should recycle. recycling - business

    Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

    By implementing a recycling plan for your small business, you can start to focus your efforts on conserving the materials and supplies that are used for all of your daily operations. Once you start recycling, you may think twice before you throw out your printer paper or other supplies. Recycling will help to create heightened awareness about how waste prevention and material conservation can benefit every aspect of your business. As you are implementing your new recycling program, make sure to educate your employees about the importance of waste management.

    Encourage the Use of Recycled Materials

    From printer paper to shipping boxes and more, there are many different types of office supplies that can be crafted from recycled materials. When you recycle, you may be more likely to purchase new office supplies and items that have been produced from recycled goods. Purchasing recycled office supplies can help you to cut down on costs, and will also improve your overall waste management efforts.

    Help to Protect the Environment

    Along with saving you money and eliminating waste, recycling is also an important step towards helping to protect the environment. When you recycle your paper and plastic goods, you will be doing your part to conserve natural resources and prevent harmful materials from entering sensitive ecosystems. You can also use your new recycling program as a marketing tool. By advertising your company as a green business, you may attract more customers who are interested in protecting the planet.

  • The Benefits of Lifecycle Thinking

    Lifecycle thinking is a term that is used to describe waste management practices that are designed to encourage individuals and businesses to set up sustainable recycling program. In this video from waste management, you will learn about how lifecycle thinking can benefit your recycling serving Atlanta . By taking a look at the larger picture, you will have a better idea of the impact of your recycling program.

    From metal recycling to plastic recycling and more, there are many materials that can now be easily recycled and transformed into new goods. If you have been interested in learning more about how to recycle effectively, you may want to educate yourself on lifecycle thinking and how this philosophy can impact your recycling goals.

  • The Role of Landfills

    If your business is like many others, then you rely heavily on dumpster rental services or trash pickup near Atlanta. Have you ever wondered what happens after the waste is removed from the dumpster? The trash that’s taken from your company’s dumpsters is transported to a landfill, and locations like these play an important role in waste management.

    Today’s landfills are well-managed facilities that provide a place for the disposal of solid waste. These locations are monitored, operated, and designed to guard the surrounding environment against contamination from the waste stream. Also, landfills are engineered to comply with federal regulations and use monitoring systems designed to protect the environment by checking for signs of groundwater contamination and landfill gas. The disposal of solid waste in landfills is one part of an integrated waste management process, and modern landfills are created in accordance with strict requirements that were established under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

    landfill - waste

  • Why Industrial Recycling Is Important

    More and more, people are learning about what can and can’t go in their household recycling bins in Atlanta as they embrace their role in reducing the impact that they have on the environment. While residential recycling is important, it’s essential not to underestimate the important of industrial recycling . industrial - recycling

    Recycling Preserves Resources

    There are several reasons why people should feel motivated to recycle. First, when waste is sent to landfills, it can release harmful greenhouses gasses and chemicals into the air. Also, processing raw materials to create goods requires a huge amount of energy and is often environmentally destructive, while recycling demands less energy and reuses materials. Recycling can help preserve natural habitats and our current way of life, and it can also save businesses on operational costs and taxes.

    Industries Create Waste

    Industries and businesses create incredible amounts of waste every day. Food processing facilities, for example, end up tossing large amounts of food and throwing away food containers and shipping boxes. A distribution center might go through large amounts of paper every day, and automotive facilities and appliance manufacturers may generate massive amounts of scrap metal. In addition to creating the waste, disposing of it can be costly and wasteful, as it must be hauled to landfills where it takes up space. Because industries create so much waste every day, the importance of recycling in this area is critical.

    Recycling Reduces Waste

    If you’re interested in lowering your company’s carbon footprint and reducing your waste disposal costs, then there are several steps that you can take. First, learn what waste collection services are available for businesses in your area. Then, implement a recycling system that focuses on your company’s needs. If having a few small bins make sense for your office, then installing just one each for paper, plastic, and glass and educating your team about what should go in them is a great way to foster a greener company.

  • The Benefits of Recycling Glass

    When you visit a location that has recycling bins , you’ll often see one that is designated for glass, because recycling this material offers several advantages. If you’re wondering if you could benefit from glass recycling serving Atlanta, then continue reading. recycling - glass

    Recycling glass can be done repeatedly.

    To understand the benefits of glass recycling, it can be helpful to know how it is created. Glass is made from materials that are readily available in our environment including soda ash, limestone, and sand. Silica, in the form of sand, is the primary ingredient and, when combined with soda ash and limestone and heated to incredibly high temperatures, these minerals melt and form glass. In addition to these ingredients, other materials can be included to give the glass different properties or colors. Because of the way in which glass is made, it can be processed again and again with no loss in purity or quality, meaning that it is a valuable and practical recycling material.

    Recycling glass benefits the environment.

    When new glass is produced, a significant amount of what goes into it is often glass that has already been made and recycled. This recycled glass that is considered to be “furnace ready” is referred to a “cullet” in the industry. Cullet can be substituted for as much as 95% of raw materials, making it a smart item to recycle. Also, glass provides a better material for food packaging because it is 100% recyclable, a claim that few other food packaging materials can claim. Recycling glass can help the environment by providing industries with more glass to use for packaging and at potentially lower costs.

    Recycling glass can reduce energy usage.

    The more cullet that is used in the recipe for new glass, the less heat and energy is needed for the glass-making process. By recycling glass, you can help return more of this material to the recycling system where it can be processed and converted into cullet. For this reason, recycling glass can reduce your carbon footprint.

  • How Metal is Recycled

    If your company’s recycling program includes scrap metal recycling in Atlanta , you may be interested in learning more about how metal is recycled. Typically, recycling centers can manage metal recycling for copper, steel, aluminum, brass, iron, and metal wires. All recycling centers are different, however, so you should confirm what metal recycling capabilities yours has. Each type of metal is recycled in a different way.

    Watch this video to learn more about how metal is recycled. Metal recycling can reduce the cost of your company’s waste disposal, improve your business’ environmental practices, and generate valuable, recycled materials rather than causing an increased demand for new products. Recycled metal can be used in the production of cans, cars, boats, metal casts, or ingots.