• Tips for Getting Your Staff on Board with a New Recycling Program

    Recycling in the workplace can promote a greener image for your company, support employee satisfaction, and reduce waste management costs. If you’re in the process of organizing an office program for recycling in Atlanta , then read on for tips on getting your staff on board. recycling - program

    Dedicate Time to Training

    If your team members don’t fully understand your new office recycling program, then you may have trouble getting them to use it. Also, without the proper training and instruction, your staff may throw trash into the recycling bins or mix up materials, for example, by putting food waste or aluminum cans into a plastics recycling bin. For these reasons, setting aside time for training that is dedicated to how to use the recycling system can be an excellent way to get your team on board with the program. If you’re concerned that starting a multi-stream recycling system for your office will be too great of a leap, then learn if single-stream recycling, in which all recyclable materials are collected together instead of in separate bins, is an option for your office.

    Focus on Employee Education

    In addition to teaching your staff how to use your office’s recycling system, you can help encourage them to make the most of it by educating them on the benefits of recycling. By informing employees why recycling is important for reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as how it can save the company money, you can provide your team with greater motivation to embrace the new recycling system.

    Post Some Helpful Signage

    Finally, while training and education are essential for starting a recycling program the right way, you may help encourage long-term adherence among your staff by posting informational signage in your office. For example, you can add posters on or near each recycling bin that describe what materials should be placed in each and what items belong in the waste or compost. Finally, to help encourage employee compliance, consider posting informative signage about how recycling benefits everything from the environment to the company.

  • How Your Leftovers Can Be Converted into Fuel

    Are you interested in taking advantage of the benefits of organic food recycling near Atlanta , but you wonder what happens when your leftovers go into a food recycling bin instead of the dumpster? If so, then watch this video to discover how food can be converted into fuel.

    When food waste is placed in an anaerobic digestion waste management system, it can be converted into a gas called methane, which can be harnessed and then used for fuel by power plants. To make the food recycling process more efficient and versatile, companies are researching ways of converting food waste into ethanol, which is a more useful form of energy than methane, and scientists are working on new methods using food waste and other resources to create energy.

  • Exploring the Advantages of Food Recycling

    While many people are familiar with the benefits of recycling materials like metal, glass, and plastic, fewer realize that unwanted food can be repurposed, as well. If you’re searching for ways to reduce your establishment’s waste in Atlanta, then read on to learn about the advantages of recycling food instead of throwing it in the trash. compost - bin

    Save on Operating Costs

    When you implement a food recycling program for your business, it makes sense to conduct a waste audit, as well. Waste audits allow you to identify areas for improvement and which foods are being wasted most. For example, a waste audit may let you know that one of the items on your restaurant’s menu should go, as you frequently toss out the ingredients that you buy for it. Or, you may learn that your employees could be using ingredients more efficiently, allowing you to implement a new training program that may cut down on your business’ food waste.

    Save on Waste Management Costs

    By conducting a waste audit and learning where food is being wasted unnecessarily, you may be able to reduce what you spend on dumpster services.

    Be More Environmentally Responsible

    Any business that uses food on a regular basis, such as restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and food distributors, can make a beneficial impact on the environment by adopting a food recycling program. Food recycling serves a number of valuable purposes, allowing the waste to be repurposed in a variety of ways such as for feeding livestock or creating compost. Also, the anaerobic digestion process that is used to recycle food can be used to generate energy and reduce the need for electricity production.

    Improve Your Business’ Image

    Adopting a food recycling plan is an excellent way to boost your establishment’s reputation. By demonstrating that less of your food waste ends up in the dumpster and that more of it is being put to good use, you can generate good press and an environmentally friendly image for your company.

  • Steps Your Business Can Take to Boost Your Recycling Habits

    When your business creates a new recycling protocol, it can take some time before all of your workers are on board with the plan. In order to recycle effectively, it is crucial for every member of your team to implement recycling practices, throughout the workday. With services from a company that offers waste disposal and recycling serving Atlanta, you will be able to set up a streamlined recycling program that integrates smoothly with the workflow of your business. If you want to get your recycling plan up and running, here are some steps that your business can take to boost your recycling habits. recycle - business

    Place Recycling Bins In Strategic Areas

    If your workers are unsure of the location of your recycling bins, they will be much less likely to recycle their waste, throughout the day. As you are setting up your new waste management plan, take the time to determine strategic recycling locations, throughout your commercial property. When your bins are easy to find and access, they will promote proper recycling habits among all your workers.

    Create Clear Directional Signs

    The recycling process can be confusing for even the most seasoned of employees. To reduce uncertainty about what can and cannot be recycled in each bin, create bold signage that provides clear directions about how to recycle correctly. These signs should be placed throughout your work environment. After you have put up your signs, you may find that more of your employees are ready to start recycling.

    Designate a Special Area for Metal and Electronic Recyclables

    While recycling paper and plastic can be done through the use of individual recycling bins, larger items may need to be placed in a designated area. To ensure that your workers are able to recycle their old electronics and large metal items, create a designated space that can house these materials. A waste management company can schedule monthly pickups so that you do not have to worry about bringing these items to the recycling center.

  • Why Recycling Is Smart for Small Businesses

    When you are looking for an effective way to reduce costs for your small business, consider creating a new waste management plan that includes recycling. By sending your disposables to the recycling center, rather than the dump, you can save money while also conserving your company’s resources. If you are planning on setting up recycling for your business in Atlanta , contact a company that offers recycling bins and trash pickup services. Here is an overview of three reasons why every small business should recycle. recycling - business

    Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

    By implementing a recycling plan for your small business, you can start to focus your efforts on conserving the materials and supplies that are used for all of your daily operations. Once you start recycling, you may think twice before you throw out your printer paper or other supplies. Recycling will help to create heightened awareness about how waste prevention and material conservation can benefit every aspect of your business. As you are implementing your new recycling program, make sure to educate your employees about the importance of waste management.

    Encourage the Use of Recycled Materials

    From printer paper to shipping boxes and more, there are many different types of office supplies that can be crafted from recycled materials. When you recycle, you may be more likely to purchase new office supplies and items that have been produced from recycled goods. Purchasing recycled office supplies can help you to cut down on costs, and will also improve your overall waste management efforts.

    Help to Protect the Environment

    Along with saving you money and eliminating waste, recycling is also an important step towards helping to protect the environment. When you recycle your paper and plastic goods, you will be doing your part to conserve natural resources and prevent harmful materials from entering sensitive ecosystems. You can also use your new recycling program as a marketing tool. By advertising your company as a green business, you may attract more customers who are interested in protecting the planet.

  • What Is Dual Stream Recycling?

    When you are setting up a recycling program , you may encounter the term dual stream recycling. Dual stream and single stream recycling are two different methods for sorting recycled waste before it is sent to the processing facility. If you want ensure that your recycling methods are as sustainable as possible, you may want to consider setting up dual stream recycling services. A company that offers recycling bins in Atlanta can provide you with the containers that you need to sort your recyclables correctly.

    One of the key characteristics of dual stream recycling is that this type of recycling program requires consumers to sort their paper, glass, and plastic recycling before it is picked up for processing. By sorting your recyclables by type, you can help to cut down on recycling waste and increase the amount of recoverable material that can be sourced out of your recyclables. While single stream recycling may seem more convenient, dual stream methods can be more sustainable in the long run.

    recycling - glass

  • The Effects of Plastic Bags on Marine Life

    Trash bags and other forms of plastic waste have a significant impact on the safety and wellbeing of ocean creatures. In this video from National Geographic, you will take a dramatic look at what is like for a marine creature to become trapped in a plastic bag. With proper waste management in Atlanta, you can do your part to protect our oceans.

    If you would like to set up plastic recycling services for your home or business, be sure to get in touch with a qualified recycling center that services your local area. Your waste management professionals can help you create an ocean-conscious recycling program that helps to preserve our marine life for many generations to come.

  • The Importance of Commercial Recycling

    Does your company practice recycling in Atlanta? If not, then you may be interested in learning about the benefits that commercial recycling programs offer business owners. Continue reading to learn about the importance of commercial recycling. recycle - commercial

    Protecting the Environment

    Recycling benefits the environment in many ways. By recycling materials instead of throwing them in the waste bin, for example, your company can help reduce the amount of trash sent to local landfills. Also, recycling lessens the demand for raw materials that would otherwise need to be refined or mined. In this way, recycling can help reduce energy needs and the impact of mining and manufacturing on air quality and the environment.

    Reducing Operational Costs

    Instituting a commercial recycling program for your company is more than good for the environment because you can save on waste collection costs by tossing more of your waste into recycling bins. By using containers for metal, paper, and plastic recycling, you can potentially cut down on the number of dumpsters or trash pickups that your company requires.

    Improving Resource Efficiency

    When companies begin a recycling program, it’s common for areas of unnecessary waste to come to light. By paying more attention to the type and amount of materials that you use and adjusting your practices, your company may be able to spend less money on supplies and waste collection.

    Enhancing Company Image

    Going green is an excellent way to improve the way that the public views your company. For this reason, you can benefit from conducting an energy audit of your facility and learning where your biggest areas of improvement are. Then, you can enhance your company’s public image by tracking and reporting the progress of your green programs.

    Boosting Employee Satisfaction

    With the growing awareness of the impact of recycling on the environment, more and more people expect to be able to recycle in the workplace. Beginning recycling programs and similar ventures are excellent ways to improve employee satisfaction by helping them help their environment.

  • Start Planning for America Recycles Day

    As effective as recycling serving Atlanta can be, it can only make a difference if everyone commits to the cause. It’s important to raise awareness of the importance of responsible waste disposal, and people can only employ the right practices if they understand them. The purpose of America Recycles Day is to spread the word and educate people about the processes and benefits of recycling and responsible waste management. It’s also easy to find the materials you need to keep your community educated and motivated. Feel free to continue reading, and be sure to start planning for America Recycles Day .

    America Recycles Day is a nationwide holiday that encourages people to celebrate the power of recycling and sustainability. There are events held all over the country that are dedicated to teaching people how to recycle, what the process is like, and what kinds of materials can be recycled. People of all ages should understand how the practice of recycling can reduce our collective carbon footprint, keep waste out of landfills, and bring reusable materials back into circulation. From elementary school classrooms to corporate offices, people everywhere can come to recognize the importance of sustainability thanks to America Recycles Day events.

    recycle - day

  • Are You Recycling These Common Items?

    Not everyone is certain about what kinds of materials they can and can’t recycle near Atlanta. You are most likely aware that you can throw your glass bottles and aluminum cans in recycling bins, but what do you do with your electronic equipment? A lot of your old electronics can be recycled, and yet tons of reusable electronics end up in landfills instead. Keep in mind that there are sometimes special pickup requirements when it comes to materials like batteries and light bulbs. Take a look ahead and ask yourself if you’ve been recycling these common items. recycle - items

    Bottles and Cans

    In this day and age, it’s a lot less common to see someone throw an aluminum can or a plastic bottle into a garbage rather than a recycling bin compared to just a few years ago. Containers that hold sports drinks, sodas, and beer are extremely recyclable, and it takes very little effort on the part of the consumer. Aluminum is so recyclable that the next can of soda you buy might be made from a can that you threw away just a couple of months ago. If you aren’t recycling your bottles and cans yet, now is the time to start.


    It’s tough to escape technology these days, and everyone seems to be waiting at the edge of their seats for the next new mobile phone to come out. What many people don’t realize is that they can recycle their old devices. There are useful materials in your old laptops, desktop monitors, printers, and tablets. Even older electronics like CD and floppy drives, fax machines, and cabled mice can be recycled. Rather than throwing your old electronics out or letting them sit in a bin in your garage, consider recycling them and putting them back into circulation.

    Batteries and Bulbs

    Some people are unsure how to dispose of certain common items like batteries and fluorescent bulbs. While these items can be recycled and are often accepted, they might come with specialized pickup requirements. Talk to your waste management professional to see how you can go about recycling these items.