• A Look at the Demolition Process

    If you work in construction, your company is probably using a waste management service to remove the waste that accumulates during the remodeling, construction, and demolition of buildings. A waste management company in Atlanta can provide you with roll off dumpsters and junk removal services that will make your jobs much more efficient.

    Watch this video to see the demolition process in action at a building near the Kuala Lumpur city center. All of the waste that is generated by this demolition must be recycled or disposed of by a waste disposal company in a safe, eco-friendly manner.

  • A Look at Zero Waste Initiatives From Southern Waste and Recycling

    At Southern Waste and Recycling, we understand that many companies want to reduce the expense of their waste removal services and decrease the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. We’ve made a commitment to helping our customers reach their goals via our Zero Waste to Landfill Initiatives. With more than 50% of the waste near Atlanta being buried in landfills, we believe these initiatives are very valuable.

    Taking advantage of our sustainability models will help your company save money and be more eco-friendly. Zero Waste Initiatives Atlanta Adopting zero waste policies by recycling and eliminating sources of waste within your company can also make you more attractive to new customers and investors.

    Our services allow us to recycle more than 80% of our customer’s waste at our recycling center. We also return usable materials back to the economy while saving landfill space. These programs can save our customers up to 30% on their waste management costs. We can recycle a variety of materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, film, pallets, wood crates, electronics, mixed paper, and cardboard. We can even repurpose traditionally non-recyclable materials, such as food waste.

  • The Science Behind Landfills

    Everyone produces trash, but not many people fully understand what happens to trash once it leaves their home and is picked up by a waste management company or recycling center. After trash pickup, your local trash company will take anything that isn’t sent to a recycling center or burned to a landfill. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about the science behind landfills and waste management in Atlanta .

    How Waste Disposal Works
    Since 1960, the amount of waste that is produced in America has almost tripled, and the amount of trash that is Landfills Atlanta buried in landfills around the country has doubled. Waste disposal and recycling are handled by different waste management companies and recycling centers around the country, but the processes are essentially the same from state to state. According to HowStuffWorks.com , approximately 32.5% of all trash is sent to a recycling center, while 12.5% of trash is burned. The remaining 55% of America’s trash is sent to landfills.

    The Difference Between a Dump and a Landfill
    Trash companies can take trash to two different places for disposal: a dump or a landfill. A dump is a huge, open hole in the ground into which trash is placed. Dumps are open to the elements, and often provide shelter for various insects and animals. A landfill is a structure that is carefully designed to ensure that trash is buried in such a way that it will not infiltrate or pollute the ground or water supply. The purpose of a landfill is not to help trash decompose, but simply to bury it. Because landfills prevent trash from coming into contact with the air or other outside elements, the trash does not decompose. The top layer of dirt that covers the landfill is covered each day with 6 new inches of compacted soil to keep air and animals out. This soil is then planted with vegetation, such as grass, to prevent erosion.

  • Know the Dos and Don’ts of Recycling

    “Reduce, reuse, recycle” is an important mantra to keep in mind, but it is also important that you remember that not everything can be recycled. Recycling rules typically vary by city or area, and certain waste materials cannot be taken in; search the Internet to find out about your local recycling rules so you can make sure that the waste you recycle is indeed recyclable. It is also important to look out for companies that encourage you to participate in their recycling programs, despite the fact that their programs are still harmful to the environment . If you want to practice optimal commercial and industrial waste management techniques in order to keep your business environmentally Recycling Atlanta friendly, the first step is always staying informed.

    Reuse Creatively
    Once you determine which items cannot be recycled, consider the first two aspects of the mantra: reduce and reuse. Avoid purchasing and using unrecyclable products in favor of greener alternatives. If you do decide to use products that cannot be recycled, consider how you can repurpose them before making the purchase.

  • Step by Step: Reducing Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

    Commercial Recycling Atlanta Whether you work for a large corporation or a local business, it’s important to evaluate how your company’s practices affect the environment. Your carbon footprint has an impact on the local environment and economy, and can be a part of a global effort to go green. To begin reducing your commercial carbon consumption, first evaluate your current practices to see which areas you should address. You might start small by encouraging responsible energy usage, or implement a recycling program to deal with your plastic, metal, paper, and other waste. Take a look at this infographic from a recycling center near Atlanta to learn more about what you can do to reduce your carbon consumption. Please share with your friends and colleagues.

  • What Is Deconstruction?

    Your company can reduce and eliminate sources of waste by adopting more eco-friendly practices, such as recycling. If you use a waste management service near Atlanta for your trash removal and waste disposal, ask them if they use a recycling center as part of their trash service.

    Deconstruction is a form of recycling in which solid waste, such as construction and building materials, are disassembled and reused or recycled for other purposes. Watch this video to learn more about deconstruction, and how it can make your company’s waste management practices more environmentally friendly.

  • Understanding the Different Types of Dumpsters

    You may use a waste management company for your trash pickup and recycling, but you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about the different types of dumpsters. Dumpsters vary by size, how they load, and how they are transported. If you’re planning on renting a dumpster in Atlanta , keep reading to learn about the different types of dumpsters that are available.

    Front Load Dumpsters
    Front loading dumpsters are typically between two cubic yards and eight cubic yards in size. They have a slot on Dumpster Rentals Atlanta each side that the garbage truck or dump truck can stick its spikes into. These spikes then lock into place, allowing the arms of the truck to lift the dumpster over the truck and dump the trash into the truck’s trash bin.

    Rear Load Dumpsters
    Rear loading dumpsters are also around two to eight cubic yards. These dumpsters use a hinge system and a winch to dump trash into a garbage truck. Two poles extend from the dumpster and lock into place on the back of the garbage truck. The winch on the garbage truck has a hook, which fastens to a hole on the back of the dumpster. The hook pulls the dumpster upwards until the trash contained within it falls into the truck’s trash bin.

    Roll Off Dumpsters
    Roll off dumpsters are the largest dumpsters that you can rent from a waste management company. These dumpsters are generally about 40 cubic yards. They are loaded into a garbage truck using a robotic arm, or a winch and a metal sled. The robotic arm attaches to a hook on the end of the dumpster, and pulls the dumpster up into the bed of the garbage truck. When using the winch and metal sled process, a metal sled is lifted off of the bed of the garbage truck at a 45-degree angle. The dumpster then attaches to the winch, and is pulled up the metal sled. While the dumpster is being pulled up the sled, the sled begins to level out to a horizontal position.

  • Spotlight on Industrial Waste Management

    Industrial waste is waste that results from industrial activities, including unused manufacturing materials from factories, mills, and mines. Industrial waste can include chemicals, paints, metals, radioactive materials, and paper products. If your company produces industrial waste, you’ll need to employ the services of an industrial waste management company in Atlanta .

    An industrial waste management company can help your company implement waste disposal and recycling Industrial Waste Management procedures that will safely and effectively dispose of the trash and waste you generate. When dealing with industrial waste, it is particularly important to adopt policies and procedures that protect the environment and the community.

    An experienced waste management company can advise you on how to reduce your company’s waste, and recycle and reuse materials. This ensures that your company is as eco-friendly as possible, and can also save you money on waste disposal services. You can also ask for waste analytics, or data related to how much waste your company produces over a certain period of time. This can help you schedule your trash pickup, recycling pickup, and other waste disposal services more efficiently.

  • What Is Commercial Waste Management?

    Commercial waste is simply the waste and trash generated by a business or company. Commercial waste does not include household, agricultural, or industrial waste. In order to effectively and properly dispose of commercial waste, your company must employ the services of an experienced waste management company in Atlanta that can provide you with the tools and components necessary for safe garbage disposal and junk removal. Here are some of the key elements of commercial waste management.

    Clearly Marked Waste Receptacles
    Your waste management company will be able to provide you with the tools you need to manage your Commercial Waste Management Atlanta company’s waste, from food to paper and electronics. You will need enough trash cans inside and outside of the building to make it very easy for employees and guests to dispose of trash. You may also want to participate in a commercial recycling program so that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle the majority of the waste that is generated in your day-to-day operations. Ask your waste management company if they provide recycling bins and if they have access to a recycling center. Finally, you will want to take advantage of dumpster rentals for your commercial property. Dumpsters are used to collect the trash and waste from trashcans until your scheduled trash pickup day.

    Waste Analytics
    A great waste management company will provide waste analytic services. The company should provide you with data pertaining to the amount of waste your company produces during a fixed timeline. This can help the company implement procedures to cut back on the amount of trash and waste that is generated. This service will also help you create an effective trash pickup schedule with your waste disposal company.

    Zero Waste Initiatives
    The data that you obtain from your waste analytics service can help you create a zero waste model that will make your company more eco-friendly. Your waste management company can help you create a program that includes recycling and reusing materials to reduce waste that would otherwise take up space in a landfill.

  • Getting to Know Southern Waste and Recycling

    At Southern Waste and Recycling, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and comprehensive recycling and waste management services in Atlanta . We don’t think of our company as merely a waste disposal company, however. We take the time to get to know our customers so that we can provide them with personal service that is tailored to their wants and needs. Because of that, our services continue to grow and evolve.

    Not Just Waste Disposal
    In addition to our waste management services, we also are committed to helping our customers improve site logistics and implement sustainable principles when possible. We do this by providing analytical data and Southern Waste & Recycling Atlanta reporting, and adhering to very strict standards of service for each one of the jobs that we execute. Whether you’re in need of recycling services, junk removal, bulk waste removal, a dumpster rental, or industrial or commercial waste disposal, our experienced staff can help you out. We also offer equipment rental and equipment repair services for a variety of waste management equipment.

    Exceptional Customer Service
    The high standards that we follow ensure that we are providing the best customer service possible to each and every one of our clients. We have a 24-hour customer service hotline, and treat every call as a priority. No matter how complicated your request, question, or problem is, we guarantee that our talented team can handle it with a minimum of fuss and time. We also provide monitoring services for your waste volume to ensure that your waste management services are scheduled in a timely manner, as well as immediate container delivery and service to existing containers.

    Stewards of Sustainability
    Our company is proud to be an advocate for eco-friendly waste management and environmentally friendly business practices. We provide services to businesses in the community that help them reduce the costs of their waste removal, and reduce the amount of waste that they are producing. We can help your company adopt sustainability initiatives, such as recycling services, to make it easy to reduce your carbon footprint.