• Is Recycling Really Worth the Effort?

    Implementing a recycling program for your home or business can take additional time and resources. If you are wondering whether recycling is worth the effort, check out this video from The Good Stuff. In this video, you will take a look at some of the terrific benefits of recycling. By taking the time to recycle, you can benefit the environment, while also saving money. If you are interested in learning more about recycling serving Atlanta , get in touch with an experienced waste disposal company.

    Your waste disposal experts can help you to create a recycling program that provides you with a great return on your investment. When you recycle in your home or at your workplace, you will be doing your part to keep our landfills from overflowing with refuse.

  • Why Recycling Is Smart for Small Businesses

    When you are looking for an effective way to reduce costs for your small business, consider creating a new waste management plan that includes recycling. By sending your disposables to the recycling center, rather than the dump, you can save money while also conserving your company’s resources. If you are planning on setting up recycling for your business in Atlanta , contact a company that offers recycling bins and trash pickup services. Here is an overview of three reasons why every small business should recycle. recycling - business

    Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

    By implementing a recycling plan for your small business, you can start to focus your efforts on conserving the materials and supplies that are used for all of your daily operations. Once you start recycling, you may think twice before you throw out your printer paper or other supplies. Recycling will help to create heightened awareness about how waste prevention and material conservation can benefit every aspect of your business. As you are implementing your new recycling program, make sure to educate your employees about the importance of waste management.

    Encourage the Use of Recycled Materials

    From printer paper to shipping boxes and more, there are many different types of office supplies that can be crafted from recycled materials. When you recycle, you may be more likely to purchase new office supplies and items that have been produced from recycled goods. Purchasing recycled office supplies can help you to cut down on costs, and will also improve your overall waste management efforts.

    Help to Protect the Environment

    Along with saving you money and eliminating waste, recycling is also an important step towards helping to protect the environment. When you recycle your paper and plastic goods, you will be doing your part to conserve natural resources and prevent harmful materials from entering sensitive ecosystems. You can also use your new recycling program as a marketing tool. By advertising your company as a green business, you may attract more customers who are interested in protecting the planet.

  • A Look at Electronics Stewardship

    In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and educational facilities must continually update their electronics and other devices. In order to improve the recycling efforts of your company, you may want to embark on an electronics stewardship program. By focusing on electronics stewardship, you will be able to lead the way for sustainable electronic recycling and repurposing methods. A company that specializes in recycling serving Atlanta can help you create an effective electronics recycling program for your facility.

    Electronics stewardship encompasses more than just recycling. Along with choosing to recycle your old electronic devices, you may also consider donating them to worthy organizations. Many nonprofits, schools and other institutions can benefit from receiving electronics that would otherwise be tossed into recycling bins. Eligible workers can also be trained with skills that allow them to rehabilitate older electronic devices, such as computers. By creating jobs and reducing waste, electronics stewardship represents the future of sustainability.

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  • The Benefits of Initiating a Recycling Program for Your Apartment Building

    When you own or manage an apartment building, your waste management and recycling strategies will impact the daily lives of many other families. If your apartment complex currently does not offer recycling services, you may want to consider setting up a program that allows every tenant to recycle. By renting recycling bins in Atlanta , it will be possible to create an apartment recycling program that is manageable and simple for every tenant who lives in your building. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of initiating a recycling program for your apartment building. recycling - apartment

    Cut Down on Costs

    One of the top benefits of setting up a recycling program in your apartment building is that consistent recycling can help to save you and your fellow tenants money on your trash pickup fees. Typically, apartment residents must pay a monthly fee to have their trash picked up by a waste management company. When you commit to a recycling program, you can cut back on the costs that are associated with your trash pickup.

    Improved Sense of Community

    Implementing a new recycling program is a terrific way to build a stronger sense of community amongst your fellow tenants. By encouraging the members of your apartment building to recycle, you can help to create a sense of teamwork and cooperation. After you and your fellow residents have recycled consistently for several months, you may even find that your apartment building offers the sense of an improved quality of life.

    Reduced Environmental Impact

    Whether your goal is to help your apartment building to go green, or you simply want to cut down on waste and reduce energy consumption, a recycling program will help to improve the environmental impact of your residence. Having a structured recycling program can even help to attract new tenants who are committed to helping the environment and improving their surroundings. Overall, you will find that your apartment building produces much less landfill waste after your recycling program has been implemented.

  • What You Should Know About Industrial Hazardous Waste Disposal

    If your industrial processes create hazardous waste, it will be your responsibility to make sure that these potentially toxic and harmful materials are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Rather than creating a hazardous waste management plan on your own, you can hire a company that specializes in waste disposal and recycling near Atlanta. Your waste management team will help you create a safe and effective solution for effectively processing your hazardous waste. Read on for a look at what you need to know about industrial hazardous waste disposal . hazardous - waste

    Hazardous waste should be reduced whenever possible.

    While it may not always be possible to completely reduce or eliminate the amount of hazardous waste that is generated by your business, it is important to cut down on your hazardous waste generation whenever possible. To reduce the quantity of hazardous materials that are created by your business, you can look for ways to substitute hazardous items with non-toxic products. It may also be possible to upgrade your industrial equipment with parts and equipment that cut down on hazardous waste.

    Hazardous waste must be disposed of in accordance with regulations.

    Federal regulations mandate that industrial hazardous waste must be disposed of using proper methods and materials. If you neglect to follow your federal or local waste disposal guidelines, you could end up facing steep fines and other penalties. A waste management company in your area will be able to answer any questions that you may have about industrial waste disposal for your business.

    Hazardous waste needs to be placed in the proper receptacles.

    When hazardous waste enters the water supply or soil that surrounds your industrial facility, it can create serious environmental problems. To protect the environment and prevent serious repercussions, industrial facilities must place their hazardous waste in designated trash receptacles. If you are uncertain about how to safely manage the industrial waste that is created by your company, do not hesitate to consult with an experienced waste management professional.

  • The Benefits of Lifecycle Thinking

    Lifecycle thinking is a term that is used to describe waste management practices that are designed to encourage individuals and businesses to set up sustainable recycling program. In this video from waste management, you will learn about how lifecycle thinking can benefit your recycling serving Atlanta . By taking a look at the larger picture, you will have a better idea of the impact of your recycling program.

    From metal recycling to plastic recycling and more, there are many materials that can now be easily recycled and transformed into new goods. If you have been interested in learning more about how to recycle effectively, you may want to educate yourself on lifecycle thinking and how this philosophy can impact your recycling goals.

  • Start Planning for America Recycles Day

    As effective as recycling serving Atlanta can be, it can only make a difference if everyone commits to the cause. It’s important to raise awareness of the importance of responsible waste disposal, and people can only employ the right practices if they understand them. The purpose of America Recycles Day is to spread the word and educate people about the processes and benefits of recycling and responsible waste management. It’s also easy to find the materials you need to keep your community educated and motivated. Feel free to continue reading, and be sure to start planning for America Recycles Day .

    America Recycles Day is a nationwide holiday that encourages people to celebrate the power of recycling and sustainability. There are events held all over the country that are dedicated to teaching people how to recycle, what the process is like, and what kinds of materials can be recycled. People of all ages should understand how the practice of recycling can reduce our collective carbon footprint, keep waste out of landfills, and bring reusable materials back into circulation. From elementary school classrooms to corporate offices, people everywhere can come to recognize the importance of sustainability thanks to America Recycles Day events.

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  • The Differences Between Solid, Hazardous, and Toxic Waste

    There are all different types of waste near Atlanta, and the way you should handle your waste depends on the kind that you’re dealing with. The terms solid, hazardous, and toxic are 3 adjectives used to describe different types of waste. While solid waste is relatively easy to recognize and understand, the terms hazardous and toxic tend to throw people off. Knowing what kind of waste you have is important when it comes to choosing the proper type of waste disposal, and you can always ask your waste management professional for help . Keep reading for a brief overview of the differences between solid, hazardous, and toxic waste. hazardous - waste


    The category of solid waste might seem self-explanatory, but it may also include more than you expected. Solid waste refers to the garbage in your trashcans, but it also includes wastes of different states of matter. Liquid and gaseous wastes, like sludge and pollutants, can also fall under the umbrella of solid waste. Municipal solid waste, or MSW, is the name for general solid waste that comes from public garbage cans or residential homes. Much solid waste can be recycled, especially materials like plastic and aluminum, but a great deal of it also ends up in landfills.


    When a waste material is considered hazardous, it no longer fits within the realm of solid waste. However, hazardous waste is not exactly the same as toxic waste. The Environmental Protection Agency outlines a few criteria that can qualify a particular type of waste as hazardous. Waste that is corrosive, flammable, or reactive can be considered hazardous, but toxicity is also a potential component of hazardous waste. It’s important to handle hazardous waste carefully, which is why the job is usually left for the professionals.


    Unlike solid and hazardous wastes, toxic waste is a very specific type. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, waste must be harmful or deadly to people or animals that ingest it. Thus, toxic waste still falls under the category of hazardous waste, but it’s not the same thing. You will also need a professional to handle toxic waste.

  • Easy Ways to Reduce Landfill Waste

    We use landfills to take care of waste that we can’t recycle, but that doesn’t mean landfills are foolproof. This form of waste disposal can still harm the environment, so the practice is not quite as healthy as recycling serving Atlanta. Take a look at this video for a few easy ways to reduce landfill waste.

    Recycling helps to keep waste out of landfills, but it’s not the only method you can use. When you bring your own bags to the grocery store, you won’t have to waste the bags that they offer you. If you forget your own reusable bags, ask for paper bags because they biodegrade more quickly. You should also consider printing on both sides of the sheet, and hold onto scrap paper so you can compile your scraps into a new notepad. Try to buy recycled products, and use food waste and yard trimmings for composting.

  • Are You Recycling These Common Items?

    Not everyone is certain about what kinds of materials they can and can’t recycle near Atlanta. You are most likely aware that you can throw your glass bottles and aluminum cans in recycling bins, but what do you do with your electronic equipment? A lot of your old electronics can be recycled, and yet tons of reusable electronics end up in landfills instead. Keep in mind that there are sometimes special pickup requirements when it comes to materials like batteries and light bulbs. Take a look ahead and ask yourself if you’ve been recycling these common items. recycle - items

    Bottles and Cans

    In this day and age, it’s a lot less common to see someone throw an aluminum can or a plastic bottle into a garbage rather than a recycling bin compared to just a few years ago. Containers that hold sports drinks, sodas, and beer are extremely recyclable, and it takes very little effort on the part of the consumer. Aluminum is so recyclable that the next can of soda you buy might be made from a can that you threw away just a couple of months ago. If you aren’t recycling your bottles and cans yet, now is the time to start.


    It’s tough to escape technology these days, and everyone seems to be waiting at the edge of their seats for the next new mobile phone to come out. What many people don’t realize is that they can recycle their old devices. There are useful materials in your old laptops, desktop monitors, printers, and tablets. Even older electronics like CD and floppy drives, fax machines, and cabled mice can be recycled. Rather than throwing your old electronics out or letting them sit in a bin in your garage, consider recycling them and putting them back into circulation.

    Batteries and Bulbs

    Some people are unsure how to dispose of certain common items like batteries and fluorescent bulbs. While these items can be recycled and are often accepted, they might come with specialized pickup requirements. Talk to your waste management professional to see how you can go about recycling these items.