The Benefits of Industrial Recycling

Almost all industrial processes produce waste, and much of this waste is reusable and recyclable. If your company produces industrial waste near Atlanta , a waste management company that specializes in industrial recycling can offer your company recycling tips that will help you reduce, reuse, and recycle your industrial waste. Here are some of the primary benefits of industrial recycling.

Save Money, Energy, and Resources
Recycling your company’s industrial byproducts and waste can save your company a lot of money by Industrial Recycling Services Atlanta decreasing your disposal costs and material costs. A waste management company can advise you on how to reduce the amount of waste that your company generates, allowing you to spend less on waste disposal and recycling. They will provide analytical data and reporting and will help you improve your site logistics, which will allow you to manage your costs and reduce your overall expenses.

Save Environmental Resources and Energy
Industrial recycling preserves the earth’s natural resources by decreasing the demand for new materials. Recycling also conserves energy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing the demand for products made from manufacturing processes that are very energy intensive. For instance, scrap metal recycling reduces the energy requirements of manufacturing new tin and steel products by 60-70%. Recycling just one ton of steel eliminates the need to mine 2,500 pounds of iron ore and 1,400 pounds of coal.

Increase Your Company’s Overall Value
In addition to saving your company money and helping you become more eco-friendly, industrial recycling also makes your company more valuable to customers and investors. As people become more aware of the increasing taxes and burdens we’re placing on the environment, they want to align themselves with environmentally friendly companies that are doing their part to conserve the earth’s natural resources. If your company implements sustainability programs, such as a zero waste initiative or an industrial recycling program, you can also become eligible for special programs and certifications. These programs and certifications can lead to new business opportunities, and increased savings for your company.