The Metal Recycling Process

Metals are used in manufacturing and production across a wide range of industries. When you are planning a waste management project for your home or business, you should be sure to implement metal recycling into your program. From scrap metal recycling to construction recycling and more, there are many ways that metals are recycled and reused. A company that specializes in waste management and recycling serving Atlanta will be able to provide you with more information about the fantastic benefits of metal recycling. To help you get started on your recycling program, here is a look at the process of metal recycling. Crane grabbing metal


Collection is the first step of the metal recycling process . During the collection process, metals are obtained and placed into specialized containers. To make sure that your metals are in good shape once they reach the recycling center, it is a good idea to use recycling bins that have been designed specifically for use with different kinds of metals. Once you have collected your metals, you will be ready to visit your local recycling center.


The sorting process involves the separation of metals into recyclable and non-recyclable categories. Typically, sorting will happen directly at the recycling facility. Your recycling specialist will determine what metals can be recycled, and which are not eligible for the recycling process. The metal materials may also be divided into ferrous and non-ferrous categories. With all of the metal recyclables sorted and categorized, it will be time to move to the final step of the metal recycling process.

Shredding and Purification

After sorting, metal recyclables are sent to a machine that is known as a shredder. The shredder will break down the sheets and pieces of metal and turn even the largest pieces of metal into manageable components. Next, the metal pieces are purified and melted under very intense heat. Once the metal has been completely melted, it will be ready for use in the manufacturing and production industries.