What to Do with Old Computers

When people think about recycling in Atlanta , they often forget to consider electronics recycling. Many different types of commercial, industrial, and retail businesses generate electronics waste when they replace their broken appliances and equipment with new models. Your local waste management company or recycling center can offer you valuable information and recycling facts about how to dispose of old computers and other electronic devices.

When you throw an old computer into a dumpster, it is simply hauled away to a landfill during trash pickup. A computer will not decompose naturally, but it does contain many toxins that are bad for the environment and may seep into the soil in a landfill. Instead, you can arrange for bulky pickup or junk removal of your electronic devices through your waste management company. Some recycling centers reuse or refurbish computer parts, while others may donate working electronics to schools or charitable organizations.

If there is nothing to salvage or reuse in your computer, your recycling center will ensure that it is disposed of according to the federal and local laws. Reputable recycling centers will recycle electronic devices without resorting to using landfills, incinerators, prison labor, or selling it to a developing country.

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