Don’t Believe These Myths About Recycling

Recycling is an important part of any commercial waste management strategy. Rather than tossing all of your solid refuse into a dumpster, you may want to work with a waste management company to create a recycling program that is effective and easy to follow. A company that rents recycling bins in Atlanta will be able to answer any questions that you may have about why recycling is so important for the Earth. Unfortunately, there are still many myths surrounding the importance and effectiveness of recycling. Let’s debunk some of the most common of these misconceptions. recycling - myths

Myth: Recycling Trucks Harm the Environment

Some people believe that the recycling trucks that are responsible for picking up recyclables put significant amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere. If this myth were true, a recycling program could harm, rather than help, the environment. In reality, however, your recycling truck will only pick up your recyclables a few days out of the month. The emissions created during the pickup process are not significant enough to undo the positive effects of recycling.

Myth: Recyclables Must Be Carefully Sorted

In the early days of recycling, homeowners and business owners were required to sort all of their recycled goods by type. Today, however, many different types of recyclables can be placed into the same recycling bin. Once the mixed recyclables reach the recycling facility, they will be carefully processed and sorted by machines. If the thought of sorting through your recyclables seems daunting, you may want to talk to your waste management specialists about your options for creating a mixed recycling bin.

Myth: Recycling Ends Up in the Landfill Anyway

A common myth regarding recycling is that there is no reason to bother with a recycling program, since recyclables are usually sent to the landfill. While many plastic items do end up in landfills, it is possible to reduce harmful landfill waste by sticking to a recycling program. You can even ask your recycling company to provide you with information about the facility where your items will be processed.