Debunking Common Myths About Waste Management

You may know quite a bit about waste management, but are you sure that everything you know about it is the truth? The way you handle your waste near Atlanta affects your business’ bottom line, the environment, and potentially even your health. You may have heard that landfills are the way to go when it comes to waste, or that it’s safe to throw products in the trash without checking their labels. You might also be under the impression that recycling is all we can do to practice responsible waste disposal. Read on if you’re interested in debunking these common myths. recycling - myths

Myth: Landfills Are Great for Disposal

Typically when you throw your trash out and the garbage truck comes to pick up your cans at the curbside, your waste will end up in a landfill. Unfortunately today’s landfills are reaching capacity, and they are also not the best solution when it comes to the environment. Irresponsible waste management practices cause hazardous materials to end up in landfills as well, further harming the environment. Every time we add to landfills, we miss the opportunity to recycle or repurpose those usable materials and put them back into circulation.

Myth: You Can Always Follow Labels

It’s not always safe to trust the label on a given product. Even if a product label indicates that it isn’t hazardous, you should look into it before you throw it away. Environmental regulators can help you determine the safest and most efficient way to dispose of a given product.

Myth: Recycling is Enough

If you want to do your part to help the environment, recycling is a great start. This practice ensures that waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill is broken down and reused as a brand new product. This helps to spare natural resources and even stimulates the economy, but it’s not the only thing you can do to help. Extra waste is generated when people buy things they don’t need, so try to avoid buying anything that you might not use. If you do, consider donating it instead of throwing it out.