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Blog Posts in July, 2017

Spotlight on Hazardous Waste Regulations for Academic Laboratories

Scientific inquiry is a cornerstone of academic study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. As the operator of an academic laboratory, it is essential that you set up safe and sustainable waste ...
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How Plastic Waste Is Affecting Our Oceans

Millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into the Earth’s oceans on an annual basis. This video from National Geographic shows the devastating effect that plastic waste has on the health of ...
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A Guide to Universal Waste

Proper waste management is very important for businesses that generate hazardous materials as a part of their routine operations. If your business discards batteries, pesticides, or products that ...
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Using Signage and Bins to Minimize Waste

When you create a brand new recycling program for your business, you will need to make sure that your recycling bins are properly labeled. This video will provide you with an overview of the benefits ...
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Understanding the Categories of Hazardous Waste Generators

Hazardous waste is a byproduct of many industrial processes. If your business creates hazardous waste during its daily operations, you will need to create a waste management plan that complies with ...
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Waste Reduction Tips for Office Buildings

Over the course of an average workweek, your office building may generate considerable amounts of solid waste. Some examples of common office building waste products include litter, paper products, ...
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What Is Dual Stream Recycling?

When you are setting up a recycling program, you may encounter the term dual stream recycling. Dual stream and single stream recycling are two different methods for sorting recycled waste before it is ...
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Identifying Sources of Hazardous Waste in Your Small Business

Hazardous waste may be an unexpected byproduct of your business operations. Whether you are setting up a new small business, or you have been operating for years, it is important that you identify any ...
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Spotlight on Types of Landfills

When you toss your garbage in the nearest dumpster, you may not give a second thought as to where it heads after it has been collected by a trash pickup service. In fact, there are several different ...
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