Compacters and Balers 101

Waste management companies provide a variety of services that can help your business run more efficiently. For instance, you can rent a compacter, baler, or dumpster in Atlanta from your local waste management company. Compacters and balers can reduce both your labor and waste disposal costs, saving your company valuable time and money.

A high-quality compactor reduces waste disposal by compacting trash and refuse, decreasing the amount of times trash compactors Atlanta you need to schedule trash pickup or waste removal. A baler compacts recycling materials on a larger scale, allowing you to reduce the space taken up by cardboard or scrap metal recycling. Companies can often sell commercial and industrial recycling materials once they have been compacted in a baler.

With the use of compacters and balers, your company’s waste disposal process becomes more efficient, as your employees will need to make fewer trips to and from your dumpster or recycling bin. You will be able to decrease waste disposal costs, and may even be able to generate a new revenue stream by selling compacted recycling materials. Renting a compactor or baler from your local waste management company will reduce costs, and help you reuse and recycle materials.