Successful Waste Reduction Strategies for Your Business

Waste Reduction Strategies Chances are, your business’s waste disposal and waste management services aren’t as cost-effective or comprehensive as they could be. By adopting a waste management program that focuses on reducing the amount of waste generated, and reusing and recycling salvageable materials, your business can save money and become more eco-friendly. Here are some successful strategies that will help your business reduce, reuse, and recycle in Atlanta .

Implement a Recycling Program
A recycling program is key to lowering your waste disposal costs, reducing the amount of waste your business generates, and reusing valuable materials. Ask your local recycling center for recycling bins, and educate employees on necessary recycling facts and procedures. When you reuse and recycle materials, you decrease the demand for production of new materials, which provides a significant benefit to the environment. You also reduce the amount of landfill space your company requires, and lower your waste disposal cost. Most recycling centers offer paper, wood, cardboard, plastic, electronics, and scrap metal recycling.

Analyze Waste Production
Analyzing your waste production provides you with valuable data that can help you reduce waste. Track and record your waste production to determine where you can cut costs, and how you can best implement a recycling program. Once you’re aware of how much waste your company produces, you can identify areas where you can reduce the purchase, production, and use of materials that cannot be reused or recycled, and try to adopt a sustainable waste reduction program.

Adopt a Zero Waste Initiative
A zero waste initiative encourages all employees to be aware of their waste production, so that you can reduce, reuse, and recycle as effectively as possible. A zero waste initiative focuses on modifying and regulating the company’s packaging and distribution procedures to include more sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives. You can use recycled products, or recyclable products, in your packaging and distribution materials. Your employees should be involved in the development of a sustainable waste disposal and waste reduction program, so that they feel more invested maintaining its results.