How to Identify the Recyclable Items in Your Workplace

Workplace recycling programs are a simple and effective way to reduce a company’s waste generation and carbon footprint. It’s common for people to want to do their part and recycle near Atlanta but, in many cases, they aren’t certain about what materials are supposed to go in the recycling bins .

The first step in identifying what items in your workplace are recyclable is to take a closer look at the recycling bins. Many establishments post a guide either on or near the bin to help employees recycle effectively. Also, pay attention to the color of the bin. Your workplace may have separate bins for compost, metal, cardboard, paper, or plastic recycling.

If your recycling bins offer no guidance about what should go inside of them, speak with an employee who works with the recycling program or contact the company that handles the recycling for your workplace. Some of the most common recyclable materials you might find yourself disposing of are paper, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic containers.

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