Simplifying Supermarket Waste Management Strategies

Waste management strategies are essential for boosting your supermarket’s profitability and promoting a green image. Adopting practical programs into your waste disposal system can reduce what your establishment sends to the landfill as well as your costs for trash removal in Atlanta. Whether your supermarket is a standalone corner store or part of a national chain, simplifying your waste management should be a priority.

One of the simplest ways to reduce the amount of waste your store generates it to adopt a recycling program. With bins in place throughout your market, your employees and customers will both appreciate the option to recycle their used bottles and containers. Single-stream recycling programs collect all recyclables into mixed bins to offer your business a recycling system that is easy to use and maintain.

Another waste management strategy that is gaining popularity and availability is organic waste recycling. This type of program collects organic materials such as meat, dairy, produce, and plants to be processed into compost. With a system in place to make better use of your supermarket’s food and floral waste, you will increase your overall recycling amounts and can drastically reduce your waste generation.

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