What Contributes to Your Company’s Carbon Footprint?

If you would like to make your company more eco friendly in the coming year, you may want to take all of the steps that are needed to reduce your carbon footprint. With proper waste management and recycling practices, you can ensure that your business is not contributing to environmental problems. A company that offers trash removal in Atlanta can help you design a waste management strategy that will help you improve the environmental impact of your company. To help you ensure that your business is eco friendly, here is a look at some factors that may contribute to your company’s carbon footprint. Going - Green

Paper Waste

A typical business creates a significant amount of paper waste throughout the course of the week. When you have extra print outs, files, or other paper products, you can help to reduce your carbon footprint by recycling these items, rather than tossing them in the trash. To improve your carbon footprint even further, you can also encourage your workers to correspond electronically, rather than through paper memos.

Electrical Usage

Commercial buildings that contain many office spaces and conference rooms can consume a large amount of electricity in a single day. To decrease the carbon footprint of your company, it is a terrific idea to evaluate your electrical usage. Switching to high efficiency appliances and lighting can help to cut back on your electrical consumption. You may also want to schedule an energy audit for your building so that you can identify potential sources of energy loss.

Waste Production

When you find that you are tossing out large amounts of waste at the end of the day, you may start to get concerned about the carbon footprint of your company. In order to improve your carbon footprint, you will want to figure out how to recycle as much of your waste as possible. Recycling paper waste, metals, and old electronics can help to make your company friendlier to the environment.